30. Hamburg Web Performance Meetup

Im nächsten Jahr starten wir direkt im Januar mit zwei spannenden Talks zum Thema Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Erik Witt wird erklären, wie Service Workers überhaupt erst PWAs ermöglichen. Wer das Ganze mit Angular machen möchte, sollte sich den Talk von David Müllerchen anhören. Wir freuen uns, dass wir die Veranstaltung direkt in den neuen Räumen von Baquend stattfinden lassen dürfen.

Die Abstracts sind auf Englisch. Wir werden vor Ort entscheiden, ob die Talks auf Englisch oder Deutsch gehalten werden.

Erik Witt – PWAs and Service Workers

Progressive Web Apps will be the big web technology of 2018. Google is already pushing PWAs very hard on Android and Microsoft will add support on Windows starting in April. So PWAs may take over mobile and even desktop app development. And there is good reason for that. With features like add-to-homescreen, offline mode, push notifications plus APIs for payment, credentials, sharing and speech processing to come, PWAs have a lot to offer.

So it’s probably a good time to take a look at the underlying technology: Service Workers are the new web standard that makes all this possible. This talk will give a comprehensive overview of scopes, lifecycles, persistence and caching strategies as well as highlight all the quirks and pitfalls that come free with early browser support. After half a year extensive work with Service Workers in production there is a whole lot to share

Erik Witt is a Full-Stack Developer and Web-Performance Engineer at Baqend.

David Müllerchen – PWA why and how using Angular

All the cool kids in the streets are talking about PWA. But why is it that awesome? What are the benefits of PWA? Let’s take a look at a very common usecase and check how it works with Angular.

David Müllerchen is a trainer at AngularJS.DE. He loves to speak and teach at meetups and conferences. In his meantime he works as a senior frontend developer at HQLabs. During leisure time he jumps through the parks with his kids or rides his racer. He also is a Organizer of the Hamburg AngularJS Meetup.

Anmelden kann man sich – wie immer – über unsere Veranstaltungsseite bei Meetup.

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